Unit SizeCompare ToWhat can I store?Visualizing your space
25 sq ft.
hall closet of half bathsmall couch, chair, chest of drawers, mattress set, boxes, seasonal items or garden tools. Will hold contents of a pick-up truck or cargo van5x5 unit visualization
50 sq ft.
walk in closetsmall to medium furniture items, small appliances, holiday decor, file cabinets, wardrobes, a small motorcycle5x10 unit visualization
100 sq ft.
average sized bedroom, 14 foot moving vanthe furniture of a one bedroom apartment and can fit most furniture pieces, a large motorcycle10x10 unit visualization
150 sq ft.
large bedroom, 20 foot moving vanThis space is ideal for the furnishings of a small 2 bedroom home, will fit all furniture sizes and appliances10x15 unit visualization
200 sq ft.
small one car garage, 24 foot moving vanA very popular size, this unit will hold a standard sized car or truck, the furnishing from a 2-3 bedroom home/ apartment and room for many boxes / extras.10x20 unit visualization
250 sq ft.
deep one car garage, 26 foot moving vanA boat, car, truck, contents of a 3 bedroom home or apartment10x25 unit visualization
300 sq ft.
extra deep one car garage, 40 foot moving vanA boat, car, truck, all of the furnishings of a 4-5 bedroom home or apartment including appliances.10x30 unit visualization
400 sq. ft.
double the length of a 1 car garageOur largest size, this will easily hold the contents of a 4-5 bedroom home including appliances and extras with room to move around and organize, will hold 2 vehicles10x40 unit visualization

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