Here are a few tips to make your packing and unpacking go a little smoother and protect your personal belongings.

1) Plan what you will store and group it accordingly

  • Store frequently used items up front
  • Place heavy items on the bottom and more fragile items on top in an upright position
  • Stack items uniformly in similarly sized boxes
  • To save space, disassemble any furniture, tables, etc, use space inside appliances and drawers for additional storage
  • Store mattresses and box springs on the long end and up off of the ground

2) Choose the right storage unit size

  • See our storage unit size guide to help you decide
  • While you don’t want to pay for storage you don’t need, consider leaving a little big of extra space to access your items and move around in the unit especially if you will be accessing them in climate weather
  • Also, leaving some room for air circulation will prevent a potential musty smell on your items

3) Have a plan when you pack

  • Use strong boxes or plastic totes that are uniform in size so that you can stack them easily, bags will not stack safely or neatly
  • Be sure to tape shut all boxes to prevent any dust on items and to make easier and sturdier to transport
  • Use strong tape- most people underestimate how much tape they will need so be sure to purchase what seems like “more” than enough
  • Unique sized boxes are available for mirrors, lamps, dishes, TV’s, etc and can be used for any item not just what they are made for, sometimes it pays to get creative when storing your belongings!

See storage unit size guide